Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What's NEW with the Art of Jennifer Lommers

It's been an exciting year, and as we near the completion of 2013, it gets even more so!

After a fun and busy summer of painting and traveling to shows, I happily opened a NEW studio space last week in downtown Corvallis, Oregon! I had my grand opening on Friday, and was overwhelmed with the welcoming I received from friends, family, and art followers!


As chance would have it, I was walking (well, actually biking, but I got off my bike) when I ran into the owner of Corvallis' little art supply store, Mike Wiener, on his walking commute to work. I was telling him I was in the market for some new studio space, and this time I was serious (not my usual just contemplation mode). Well, a few short days later and we had struck a deal - I would occupy his former classroom space as an "Artist in Residence" in the back of his store and could finally consolidate my printshop (formerly in my garage), my painting studio (formerly split between my house and my attic studio space at The Athena House), and a small retail area which I had only been able to present at art shows previously - WOW.

While Mike and I have been working out the details of what our 2 businesses and spaces will look like going forward, I have also been thinking of how I want to present this space to my followers and customers. While I have mentioned to many people before, that I don't really want to teach, per se, I do want people to come in and become engaged in the art making process. I realized that doesn't have to take the form of a typical art class (or at least what was typical for me back in the early 90's). So, going forward, I am going to offer a couple different art experiences in my new studio space.

1)  Regular studio painting hours

I am committing to regular painting demonstration hours, where you can drop in, have a seat, and watch me paint!

Tuesday & Thursday 11-2pm
425 SW Madison Ave, Suite G
Corvallis, OR 97333

2) Monthly Events

Starting in January, I will be holding a "first Thursday" event in my studio in the evening of the first Thursday of every month. These events will take a different form every month, and I plan on announcing these on my blog here. I hope to use these events to teach a particular skill or feature a particular product that I use in my artwork. For anyone participating (you could also just watch), there will be a small studio fee for the supplies, but the result will be a piece of artwork (either finished or in process) that you can take home! Once we get rolling, I also hope to offer these as videos for my cyber fans as well.


Going forward, also be on the lookout for more exciting news from the Drawing Board! Looking for a space to have an art related month-long event? This may be your chance! Stop by the store or my studio for a tour of what's NEW and make 2014 a year of inspiration!

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