Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Painting In Process: 24 Pieces of Gold

Since my debut of "51 Birds" at the Wild Arts Festival in Portland in November, I have been conjuring up all kinds of ideas of how to continue these type of block series paintings.

I love the idea of having a broader homogenous background coupled with an individual object as the focus of each block. And seeing the reactions of arts supporters in Portland (as well as the positive reactions I had with a couple of my smaller precursors on paper, "16 Birds" & "17 Fish" made me realize that other people do too!

"17 Fish"

"16 Birds"

As a result, I am currently in the middle of a fun garden series featuring a drawn image in gold on each block titled "24 Pieces of Gold". For an extra challenge, I am attempting to have a complete floral garden image that can stand on its own before adding the little gold pieces of butterflies, dragonflies, birds, bugs and such... So far I'm LOVING the results, so much so that I had to share a blog post before they are even done!

So.. let's take a look at the progression of this piece thus far.

Step 1: Prep each birch board panel with gesso and tape the edges to prevent the inevitable spill.

Step 2: Draw out the basic composition with India Ink Pens.

Step 3: Add color!

Step 4: Start to work each block individually as a floral piece, but with a landscape in the background.

Step 5: Draw the images to be used as image transfers for the "gold pieces".

Step 6: Create the Image Transfers using photocopies of the drawings and soft gel semi-gloss medium.

Step 7: Apply gold paint to the back of the image transfer, apply more gel to the block where the image will be placed, and press the transfer onto the block. Apply additional gel as needed for secure adhesion or added texture.

Step 8: Paint more gold highlights on the block.

Step 9: Finish with a coat of Polymer Varnish

I LOVE them so far, and look forward to many more similar series: goldfish (as suggested by my clever daughter), coffee cups, woodland animals, more birds of course, fruit, trees, fruit trees... what fun! My goal this year is to finish a series before each show I attend so that I can show off a complete set. I will try to offer the complete sets online briefly before each show to give anyone interested a chance at purchasing the whole thing before I start to sell the blocks individually at a show.

Now - off to FINISH this latest series in progress!

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