Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Drawing a Day 2012 - No 2 of 10

I'm enjoying playing with some new techniques as well as subject matter during this year's Drawing a Day Auction event. Here I created a new Hermit Crab stamp to add to my sea life collection. I hope you enjoy!

"Travels of a Hermit Crab in Gold"
Drawing a Day 2012 - No 2 of 10
Available on EBAY
Starting price just $.99 - FREE shipping!

  • What's this auction thing about? It's a holiday tradition! See more about this event on my blog HERE.
  • Why the switch to sea life? Where are your flowers and birds? Don't worry - I'll still be painting birds, flowers, and trees! I've just added some new imagery for a series I'm planning this winter. See more about this series on my blog HERE.
  • What techniques/materials are being used here? I'm using Derwent Water Soluble pencils on Arches Hot Press Watercolor paper. I've then created a rubber stamp of a Hermit Crab and printed in over the drawing using Speedball water soluble printing ink. Finally, I touched up the drawing with highlights of Golden acrylic Iridescent Bright Gold paint. FUN!

1 comment:

AK said...

A very unusual subject and rendition. Lovely.

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