Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Drawing a Day 2012 - Let's Begin!

I have been contemplating a new body of work based on my favorite childhood place - Fragaria. I grew up spending my summers playing in this magical place on the puget sound making mud pies, fishing for flounder and rock cod, and playing marbles with my brother and cousins. My grandparents owned a summer home here and since my father was a high school teacher and my mother stayed home with us kids, we had the freedom to spend many summer days and nights enjoying this beautiful place. I have fond memories of my grandfather frying fish in the kitchen, floating around the bay in the little aluminum boat, and playing with the big dog, Bonnie, who lived down the road. I loved Fragaria!

It is this magic of a happy childhood and the memories of an adult now living a busier life of responsibility and obligations that I wish to merge in larger paintings over this winter in my studio. And so I begin my journey down memory lane by honing some new skills with new subject matter - jellyfish, kelp, rock cod, boats, water, shells, barnacles, crabs... the list will only grow, I'm sure. I have started a journal of small drawings and will continue to capture shapes and details of the new imagery here.

And so, I thought it fitting I would also work on a few more detailed drawings and offer them online for my 5th annual eBay art auction.

Without further ado - here is Drawing No 1 of 10
"Jellfyfish II, Golden Tentacles"
7.5 x 7.5 inches
Colored Pencil and Acrylic on Paper

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