Friday, November 2, 2012

The NeverEnding Story Continues...

Hello? Hello out there?

I know, I've been away from my blog for quite awhile! Summer was fast and furious and unfortunately for my blog fans, facebook became my tool for quick updates. I have finally, MOSTLY, recovered from the insanity of life as a full time traveling festival artist, booking the most miles yet during my career - Yea! And so... as those of you who saw me over the summer know...
the NeverEnding Story lives on!

To recap: My plan for this series is to create a set of 128 blocks connecting together to form 1 tree - and not just 1 set of blocks! As blocks have been sold (even before I came anywhere near completing the first set of 128), I have been filling in the blocks with new subject matter (within the same tree). Confusing, huh?

In the End I will have painted...

  • 128 blocks of birds in a tree
  • 128 blocks of fruit in a tree (or vegetables, edibles...etc.)
  • 128 "critters" in a tree (mostly bugs/butterflies)
  • 128 teacups in a tree
  • and lastly - another round of 128 birds in a tree!
It's kinda like the game we played as kids where you sit in a circle and whisper in the ear of the person to your left some sentence and then wait for it to be whispered around the room until it comes back as something completely different in your right ear. FUN, right?!

So, how is this little project coming along? Let's see!

Here's the current state of affairs...
74 blocks painted * 45 blocks sold * 566 blocks to go

And here are the various completed blocks by subject matter.

I think this "little" project will take MORE THAN 1 year! We'll see where the winter takes me...


yeti said...

I like that idea. easpecailly the teacups in trees!

Jennifer Lommers said...


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