Thursday, November 8, 2012

5th Annual Art Auction!

"Garden Joy in Red"
from my 4th Annual Art Auction
It's that time of year again (well, based on my previous auctions, it's PAST that time of year) where I sell original art for auction on eBay! THIS YEAR (my 5th year - wow!), it will be a little different...

Mark your calendars! Starting DEC. 3 - I will create and then auction on eBay 1 DRAWING (sorry, no paintings this year - but I still draw like a painter!) I will create a drawing DAILY for 10 days (excluding the weekend), ending with my last drawing on Friday, DEC. 14.

Why the change?

Well, as many of you who have followed my auctions in the past, it's CRAZY to paint 30 paintings in 40 days! I'm usually exhausted by the end of the auction, and often can't get the energy to paint again for several weeks - when I should be painting and preparing for the coming show season. SO... this year I'll be using the auction event as an opportunity to prepare by drawing out and thinking thru some ideas for my NEW COLLECTION of work the following Spring - fun!

AND... well, my kids are getting older! No better time than the present to cherish some holiday time and memories together with a little less craziness!

So, it's not the same, but I DO HOPE you ENJOY and have some fun! The countdown begins...
25 days until my 5th Annual ART Auction!

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