Monday, May 7, 2012

The Never Ending Story Begins - Series Art No 4

Even though I have plenty of projects in the works (10x10 paintings for a book illustration, a shoe tree painting, a musical instrument painting, another triptych in progress, and of course, the prime number painting I started last year), I can't help but also continue down the path of my series art paintings which have been so much fun to create as well as share with all my followers and fans.

Series No 1: "51 Birds"
Series No 2: "24 Pieces of Gold"
Series No 3: "Wish Upon a Rainbow Tree"

And now introducing my next series idea...

My biggest and boldest series block art idea yet will be a continuing story of 128 blocks that will fit together to form 1 vibrant tree filled first with birds, then fruit, bugs, teacups and more as blocks are sold and I paint new blocks to fill the design again.

The story will continue for a minimum of a year of rotating art. I will make blocks available for sale as I go, hoping to showcase a complete set at most of my art festivals this Summer and Fall. I will record the progress and changes over the year, at the end of which I will provide a video showing the series as it evolved over time.

And to start off this new project, here is a sweet little chickadee perched in branches of Spring flowers for "The Never Ending Story No 1". Enjoy!

1 comment:

Pamela Patterson Reinhardt said...

You are an inspiration, Jennifer. I love the warmth of your paintings.

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