Friday, January 13, 2012

Fundraising Ideas Take Shape

I have two specific causes I like to support with our local schools - physical activity and music. Being a painter, I wanted to find a way to have my artwork help in some small way fund programs related to these subjects. A couple years ago I painted two paintings specific to a running program at Adams Elementary in Corvallis called, "Adams in Motion", or AIM, and was thrilled to sell the originals (and a few prints & cards) and give the proceeds to this program. This time I'm hoping to create more general paintings themed along running and music that can appeal to a broader audience and make more print sales possible too, providing funding over a longer period of time. In order to create these paintings, however, I need some HELP!

These paintings will be evolving much as the 2011 Corvallis Fall Festival painting, "The Ride Home", where I will have images imbedded into a tree using the technique of image transfer. I've decided to use a slightly different and publicly interactive process for capturing the images this time. I plan to take photos of shoes and band instruments provided by my fans (or fans of Corvallis schools) and include a written first name, location, and possible quote from the person providing the photo. Instead of tracing the photos like I did for The Ride Home, I'll be using Photoshop to manipulate them into a black & white image and then type the text along with it (as shown with my shoe above).

Here's where YOU come in - I need your HELP! I'm hoping to acquire 30-40 images for each of these paintings. If you have a passion for RUNNING, HIKING, WALKING, MUSIC, PUBLIC SCHOOLS (40% of ALL sales including the original art will go to programs in the Corvallis School District), or just would like to be a part of ORIGINAL ART - PLEASE Email Me your image with the information to include in the text of the image or post it to my Facebook page.

And as always - THANK YOU for all your support!


Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Good luck with your fundraisers. I think it's a great idea!

Jennifer Lommers said...

I'm hoping to see your shoe in the mix too!

Jennifer Lommers said...

Sorry about the email link error - it's now fixed!

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