Monday, October 31, 2011

Painting a Day 2011 - No 1

"Sunflower in Blue"
Painting a Day 2011
No 1
Gallery Price: $185
Auction Opening Bid: $12
Tuesday Nov 1, 2011 at 4pm PDT

Painting a Day No1 is complete!

Lessons Learned
1) My iPad only LOOKS like it's videotaping in reverse. (Take a look at the beginning of my Youtube video - yes, that's me actually writing in reverse on the canvas because I was confused - oops!)
2) Write down the steps you take to edit the video in order to repeat the process without re-learning how to do it again!
3) Move the camera and lights to prevent so much glare (thought I had that one fixed during my testing phase, but it definitely could use more work).
4) Using a still life for inspiration on the little paintings seems to help me with my design elements on the smaller canvas size - look for vegetables and coffee cups in small size too!
5) Lesson learned BEFORE today - get the web address correct for your promo before printing up the fliers! FYI - For those of you looking at my flier, please go to the link above (or search seller id: jenlo262) on ebay. OOPS!

I hope you enjoy my inspiration and my painting! Happy Bidding!

Friday, October 7, 2011

4th Annual ORIGINAL Art Auction Begins Nov 1

My annual Art Auction is back
November 1 thru December 10!

30 ORIGINAL Paintings
painted in 40 days and listed

Every day (except weekends and holidays) I will paint a NEW painting and list it on EBAY the next day. Listings will most likely start between 4 and 7 pm PST. Listings will end Sun - Thurs.

I will attempt to list "the making of" videos or pictures of the daily paintings with each listing as well as on youtube and facebook. The paintings will all be on stretched canvas most sized at 8 x 8 inches with a few 12 x 24 and 3 LARGER 20 x 30 canvases mixed into the auction. Each piece will be made with my usual fine art quality materials and careful consideration despite the faster nature of painting daily! (In general, I usually paint pretty fast.)

I will pack and ship as carefully and quickly as possible, as I realize this is the season of giving. With that in mind, gift wrapping and a personal note can be included at no extra charge - just ask!

Keep updated on the latest paintings by
* First painting will be painted on October 31 and listed on November 1 *

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