Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Fabric Swatches from Spoonflower

I admit some of my ideas are a little slower to take shape than others... and this is one of them! While I had visions of getting all kinds of fabric designs loaded onto Spoonflower.com over the winter, it seems art shows and painting have taken precedence. So, for those of you who have been waiting for more fabric - my apologies for the delay!

Now... here's my latest swatches and my thoughts on them.

I like the deep rich colors of this one although not as much as my first sparrow design. The size is about right for the sparrow which is a little smaller than the original painting. Overall, I think it will work well and I can post it for sale (HERE).

I wish my swatch covered a larger area so that I can see how well the yellows/greens translated, but I do like the vibrancy of the blue and orange. I was worried about the dark border, but I think it will work well too and will be posted for sale on spoonflower (HERE). I may load up another version, though, with white.

Again, my swatch unfortunately fell over an area that's hard to see if the colors worked out well (with only a tiny little pie piece of poppy showing). I do think it needs to be smaller, which I'll adjust and then reload. To see the fabric on Spoonflower you can go HERE.

I remain impressed with their fast service, level of color saturation, and weight of fabric. If you haven't yet checked them out, I would give them a try - and even design your own - HERE.

You can see my other posts about fabric swatches and spoonflower HERE.

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