Sunday, November 27, 2011

Painting a Day 2011 - No 16 & 17

Notes from the studio come first today...

Yes, it's true, I've made a squirrel painting. Isn't he cute?! I have always had a soft spot for those little woodland creatures ever since going to the University of Washington and spending my time between classes sitting on a bench and feeding them. At least when I was there, the squirrels expected people to feed them, and would come right up and demand what was rightly theirs. If I was ever having a bad day, they could always cheer me up.

I am also planning a new woodland animal series (similar to "51 birds") and I needed to see if painting a squirrel was something I could do. I now need to practice a bunny, a mouse, and maybe a chipmunk or two.

More notes - I forgot to bring my lights back from the garage (where I unloaded after my show in Portland) to my studio, so I had to move things around a bit to get more light from the window. Unfortunately, that means in the video that the light keeps changing as I move in front of the window. Also, since I had the misfortune of video-taping myself knocking my easel over (not to worry, no canvas was harmed in the act), I thought I would slow down that section of the video for everyone to enjoy! Oops.

Without further ado - here are paintings No 16 & 17 from "Painting a Day 2011". I hope you enjoy!

"Blue Autumn"
Acrylic on Canvas
12 x 24 x 1.5 inch
starting bid: $27.00
available on eBay

"Squirrel Picking Daisies"
Acrylic on Canvas
8 x 8 x 1.5 inch
starting bid: $12.00
available on eBay at 4pm
Nov. 27, 2011

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