Monday, October 31, 2011

Painting a Day 2011 - No 1

"Sunflower in Blue"
Painting a Day 2011
No 1
Gallery Price: $185
Auction Opening Bid: $12
Tuesday Nov 1, 2011 at 4pm PDT

Painting a Day No1 is complete!

Lessons Learned
1) My iPad only LOOKS like it's videotaping in reverse. (Take a look at the beginning of my Youtube video - yes, that's me actually writing in reverse on the canvas because I was confused - oops!)
2) Write down the steps you take to edit the video in order to repeat the process without re-learning how to do it again!
3) Move the camera and lights to prevent so much glare (thought I had that one fixed during my testing phase, but it definitely could use more work).
4) Using a still life for inspiration on the little paintings seems to help me with my design elements on the smaller canvas size - look for vegetables and coffee cups in small size too!
5) Lesson learned BEFORE today - get the web address correct for your promo before printing up the fliers! FYI - For those of you looking at my flier, please go to the link above (or search seller id: jenlo262) on ebay. OOPS!

I hope you enjoy my inspiration and my painting! Happy Bidding!

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