Monday, June 6, 2011

The Etsy Front Page Debate

As most of you know, I sell my art on ETSY. I love the professional look of the storefront they provide, the easy to manage shop tools, and the minimal expense. I also enjoy the occasional extra sales I get because of their front page exposure! And if you browse the community threads on Etsy (as I like to do) you will often find discussions about how much being on the front page affects a shop... as well as a myriad of other threads about "how to get on the front page...", "why are the same people always on the front page...", "what's wrong with my pictures...", etc.

Well, I'm here to tell you, being featured on the front page DOES affect your shop! Take a look at these hits (provided by Google Analytics) from the past year. You can guess which days I was featured.

Just head on over to Craftcult if you want to confirm that yes, indeed, those huge spikes are days in which I made the front page. (Once on craftcult, go to "the vault", choose option "search for member", enter "jenlo262" for username.)

To reiterate: here's the numbers (hits) for each front page feature

July 15, 2010: 337
November 13, 2010: 820
November 14, 2010: 450
February 28, 2011: 864
June 5, 2011: 334

Being that I usually average around 50 hits a day, on a good day, I'm getting an average of more than 10 times that amount by having that front page exposure.

NOW, the big question - do these hits translate to SALES?

Usually (I'm not sure what happened with my Nov 2010 stats, with 2 days of feature in a row and NO sales... hmmm...)

Below is a more typical result, however, where my 1 day of front page exposure gave me about 50% of my month's sales - wow!

Here's the rest of the 1 day sale numbers:

July 15, 2010: $528
November 13, 2010: $0
November 14, 2010: $0
February 28, 2011: $180
June 5, 2011: $57

So, in the past year, I received 5 front page spots and as a result had an additional $765 in gross sales. Just think if I had a spot every few days, like.... ahem.... I won't go there.

Not to add fuel to the debate of how front page items are chosen and who benefits from these choices, but I can certainly understand those who start and contribute to the front page Etsy threads. I had never really thought about it until I started looking at the numbers today (after having a front page feature over the weekend), and thought some other Etsians might be interested in a few behind the scenes stats.

In the meantime, I will press on and enjoy what front page exposure comes my way.

Happy ETSY selling & shopping!


Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

Very interesting, Jennifer! Thank you!

Holly @ Accounting SPOT said...

Great stats Jen! You should post a link to this post in the forums?!

Jennifer Lommers said...

Another new ETSY front page thread now available HERE!

New ETSY front page thread

Thanks for the idea Holly @ Accounting Spot!

Jennifer Lommers said...

The Polls have closed with 6 for mounted on Bamboo and 5 for Frame & Glass.

Amanda Makepeace said...

Great post!! I've certainly see increases in my stats with a Front Page event. This is featured in today's EBSQ Friday Five.

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