Monday, April 4, 2011

Giclee Canvas Prints - a Comparison

One of the latest trends in Giclee printing is the Stretched Canvas Reproduction. These prints allow buyers to enjoy the look of original art at a more affordable print price. I have been offering this option thru a couple third party printers for the last few years, but with it's recent increase in popularity, I decided to provide my followers with a little more information (and real life pictures) to help in your purchasing decision.

(image left, provided by Imagekind - image right, provided by FineArtAmerica)


I originally hooked up with this printer (in 2008) for several reasons: They were local (Seattle based), had an excellent print quality, great customer service, easy shopping online tools, and easy seller image upload and reporting tools. Also, I met one of their very nice workers at a Seattle art show, giving them a personal appeal. Basically, they were ahead of the curve for online art retailers. Though they have since been bought by Cafe Press, they still maintain a Seattle (and Portland) printshop, and still offer the same great products and service as before. They have also been able to increase their online functionality, maintaining their position (in my opinion) as one of the easiest, well designed shopping and selling sites for art reproductions. They also recently added a higher profile to their stretched canvas line of reproductions, including a new 1.5 inch canvas depth (my favorite). When I placed my latest order, however, it was shipped from NC and therefore took longer than I expected. It was a great reproduction, however, and I can only guess that this new line of prints isn't yet available at all their print shops.

My lastest Imagekind purchase
"Whispered Secrets"
(Sold at my McMinnville show last month)

Printer: FineArtAmerica

I found this online reseller a little later, but have come to love them as they have quickly been filling a niche for art buyers and sellers alike. While Imagekind leads the 2D art reproduction market, including images from the past (masters, and the like) and present, FineArtAmerica (based on the East Coast) appeals to the buyer and seller in today's art market. They offer a means to sell many different forms of original art (e.g. sculpture) along with reproductions. They also provide a vibrant and active community with information on art shows, contests, and a source for art dealers and designers (recently teaming up with Disney studios). I find them to be a little less trendy and more about encouraging Fine Art. I also find them to offer the same high quality reproductions, and a leader in the canvas Giclee reproduction genre. I also found their customer service to be very responsive, as I had received the wrong type of print on my first order, but, after an error getting it corrected, they sent me the second print via overnight express at no charge. Therefore, I ended up with 2 prints for the price of one. Since I'm reselling them, it worked out fine.

My lastest FineArtAmerica purchase
"A Short Pause"
(also available in my ETSY shop)

I did like the gloss finish on the FineArtAmerica canvas a tiny better, and the wood stretcher seemed a bit heavier than the Imagekind canvas. Pricing being about the same, I would most likely lean to having my canvas reproductions for resale made by FineArtAmerica unless Imagekind was having one of their many sales (which they often do). Basically, it's a toss up!

So... why not give them a try? And here's a $10.00 off coupon for my FineArtAmerica shop to get you started! (Coupon code: UBULPJ)

Or... set up your own shop! They both have very affordable options for reselling your images online. Happy selling (and buying)!


Mary said...

How do you get the image to the printer? Do you scan it, photograph it? What is the best way to do it affordably?
Thanks Jennifer, Mary

Jennifer Lommers said...

Hi Mary,

I scan my images, and when necessary (larger paintings) I stitch the scanned images together with Photoshop. I use an Epson 4490 Photo Scanner (now 5 years old) and it works great!

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Interesting that you scan and photoshop them together. I actually learned how to do that last year. I may try it for larger works.

Amanda Makepeace said...

Thank you for this great post! I've added this to the EBSQ Friday Five

sherrykey said...

Thanks for the good info Jennifer. The prints are beautiful.

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