Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The GPS is only as good as the Driver! Thank you AAA!

View Magnuson Park in a larger map

(Magnolia Park shown left, Magnuson Park shown right)

I have to say the best gift I have ever received is most likely my gps (aka Garmin). Ever since I started traveling to shows and having to find them, my gps has made it 100 times easier... even if it is now 4 years old and in need of an update! However, this last show in Seattle (where I should be somewhat familiar with the territory, as I did to go the University of WA way back when) I was lost, and very grateful that I had left early to go setup for the show (Best of the Northwest).

An issue with outdated maps, you say? Uh... No.

As I am blasting my 107.7 FM music, and following the directions I realize that this park it is sending me to (now seen out my driver's side window) does not look nearly big enough to have the Hangar in which this show is supposed to take place. Hmmm. I park. I look at my Garmin. Nope, I only see the 1 Magnolia Park. This must be the right area. I look at my watch and see that my husband will be back from his lunch break (and in front of a computer) in about 20 minutes and I decide I'll just look around while I wait for him to get back, and then call and see if he can find any info on the web. As I'm driving back toward the waterfront (thinking that's a good place for a hangar), I see an Office Max and decide to stop and pick up some duct tape which I had planned to get at some point before the show (to secure my highly sophisticated lighting system.) Lucky for me, I notice a AAA travel storefront next to the office supply store. Since I'm a AAA member, I decided to pop in and ask them if they could direct me to this mysterious hangar.

"Hello," says the nice young lady behind the counter, "can I help you?"

"Yes, can you tell me where the Art Show is this weekend?" Confused look. "The Best of the Northwest?" Nothin'.

"Is there an art show?"

"Yes, I'm supposed to set-up there today, but I can't find it."

"Well, let's take a look".

And that's when one very nice AAA lady explained to me that I needed to be at Magnuson Park, not Magnolia Park.

Oops! "Thank you!"

Gotta love AAA. And they didn't even ask to see my membership card! (Which every traveling booth artist should have.)

THANK YOU AAA of Seattle (15th Ave office)


Scott Lommers said...

Good old AAA. They're a full "A" better than AA! Although I suppose both could provide some sort of direction...

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Wow! I'm pretty impressed with AAA right now!

Jennifer Lommers said...

I have known more artists who have used AAA when having troubles going to a show. I haven't had to use them for car service, yet, (knocks on wood), but am very glad to have their services available should I need it. I also encourage all traveling show booth artists to get business insurance.

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