Friday, February 4, 2011

Fabric Samples Have Arrived!

Let me just start out with this small disclaimer: I am not a sewing or fabric expert. Fortunately, I do have one in the family, though (my mother), and will ask her opinion on my fabric samples next time she's in town. Until then...

Check it out. Custom printed fabric from: Spoonflower.com

First I ordered a set of fabric samples ($1.00, can't beat that price and it includes USPS Shipping). I was a little worried about the thickness of some of the lighter weight samples, but especially liked the linen and upholstery fabrics. I decided to order a range of designs and fabrics to make sure they looked okay regardless of material.

Sparrows: I ordered this swatch in a quilting weight. It is a light weight smooth, soft material. I had been worried about how translucent the white sample of material was that I originally received. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the printing on the fabric made it more opaque. (I'll see how my mother thinks it compares to the other quilting materials she buys.) As for the design, I was happy with the colors and size of the sparrow image. It may be my favorite of the test samples I ordered. It is now a part of my spoonflower fabric line, HERE.

Lemon Grove: This swatch I ordered as a Upholstery weight twill, mostly because I am thinking of making it into roman blinds in my kitchen nook. I designed the fabric to be the correct width to fit my windows. I LOVE it. I can't wait to transport my little dining area into a grove of lemon trees! (Of course, with the help and expertise of my mother.) The color of the image matched my "Four Lemons" painting perfectly too. I may have to take an upholstering class now! Lemon Grove is available as fabric HERE in other fabric weights too!

Lemon Tree: I ordered this one as a Linen-Cotton Canvas. I think the Linen may be my favorite fabric texture and weight. I've always been a sucker for Linen, though. I think this could be a fun design for kitchen chair cushions. The background turned out to be a nice muted lime green. I was worried about this color, as I just picked it using the Photoshop paintbucket. I was glad to see it turned out, and is now available for sale HERE.

The last two designs I will have to re-work. I can see why Spoonflower suggests ordering a test swatch first. For $5.00, it's worth the price. I realized that the colors in the checkerboard pattern weren't quite right, and the squares were too large. The leaves of the other design were too big as well. I did like the feel of the fabric, though (organic cotton sateen). It was very soft, but maybe a little thinner than I would like. It would feel nice as a blouse, though.

I have about 5 more designs already done to test, plus the 2 here I want to re-work, as well as several others in progress, so look for more fabric coming soon! It takes Spoonflower about a week to process an order (pretty amazing to me, considering I gave them an order of 5 different swatch designs). They are fast, friendly, and working hard to bring us US printed fabrics. I like them. I realize I'm paying a premium for fabric, but for custom designs, it's well worth it. Find out more about Spoonflower HERE, and maybe try your own hand at designing a custom fabric or two!


Terriaw said...

Love your fabric samples! I think the colors came back beautifully. I especially love the backgrounds on the sparrows and lemon grove prints. Well done!

Pam said...

The fabric is wonderful -- I especially like the sparrow print

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Oh, I just love those little sparrows!!

Jennifer Lommers said...

Thanks all!

Jennifer Lommers said...


My Mom did review my fabric samples last weekend and confirmed that they are as advertised! Her favorite pattern was also the Sparrows. Thanks Mom!

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