Sunday, January 23, 2011

Premium Bamboo Cards as Framed Prints!

After much consideration I have decided to move my popular line of 4 x 6 note cards to a higher quality bamboo paper using my giclee printer, giving the cards the same fine art, long lasting quality of my prints.

Why? You may ask.

I want my customers happy with my art! Really. Since the majority of my customers were either using or sending my cards as an image to be framed, I wanted the same quality in that frame as you would find in all my prints. To this end, as I convert my card templates over to the new printer, I will be arranging the images in sets of 6, allowing customers to better visualize framing possibilities.

Pictured above (and below) is the first set, "Poppy Abstracts", available at my Etsy store: Jenlo262.etsy.com

As with my previous cards I also strive to be eco-conscious. For my new cards (as well as my prints) I have chosen a beautiful warm white Bamboo paper from Hahnemuehle which is a part of their "green rooster" initiative focusing on earth friendly practices and products. READ MORE HERE. Unfortunately, with such lovely fine art paper and archival quality inks I admit the price tag will be forced a little higher. For such a lovely eco-friendly product, however, I'm splitting the difference! Yes, the price will be a little higher ($4.50 instead of the $3.75/card I charged before - or $22.50 for a set of 6), and my margins lower, but what we both get in the process is a beautiful fine art card that can be shared and enjoyed for a lifetime.

I hope you enjoy this new line of Premium Bamboo Cards!

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