Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fabric Design - Progress Report!

"Lemon Grove"
Prints Available on Imagekind.com

After starting with the basic single image design (see bird pattern in post below), I have finally made it to the more advanced level of taking an entire painting and manipulating the design into a repeat. And I LOVE what happened!

Original Painting, "Four Lemons"

  • I took the entire painted image, copied it and flipped it horizontal.
  • I started with the easiest two edges to blend, lining up the yellow together and blending by clone stamping along the seam (Photoshop tool).
  • I then took the top 2/3 of the entire new image, copied it, and attached it to bottom, lining up the partial lemon tops with the partial bottom, squeezing together the middle in order to line them up. (This part was the hardest for me conceptually!)
  • Next I cleaned up all the seams with a lot of clone stamping in order to blend them together.
  • Finally I copied a couple of the lemon shapes and copied them along the darkest seem where the mirroring of the leaves was too prominent.
I can't wait to get a fabric sample of this piece! It will be perfect for creating valences for the windows in my dining nook. I'll be eating my breakfast, sipping my coffee, in a Lemon Grove all winter long! As soon as I order, receive, and approve samples, the fabric will be available to you too! I hope you enjoy.

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