Monday, March 29, 2010

Ahhh, the age of technology!

"Lemon Tree" - take 1 (scanned image)

After scanning in my latest lemon tree painting (which takes me over an hour because I'm scanning a 20x20x1.5 inch canvas using a 9x13 inch scanner and need about 8 scans to piece a completed image together) I realized I was only really excited about 1/2 of the painting (the right half). I love the impressionistic glint of sunshine on the tree leaves as they just melt into a yellow sky. Something about the top left and bottom left lemons bothered me, though, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Since I already had the painting scanned into the computer I thought, "hey, I can play with it on the computer to see if I can fix what I don't like and THEN paint it to match." Sounds plausible.

So, after trying purple, blue, yellow, and green for my lemons and adding a little leafy interference to the bottom 2 lemons - here is the "fixed" version showing how I would like to paint it.

"Lemon Tree" - take 2 (digitally manipulated image)

So - off I go to paint! And one thing about how I paint - if one part of the painting gets changed - it suddenly affects the rest of the painting. I managed to keep my adjustments minor, however, mostly just adding a little more of the blue to the bottom of the painting to bring a little more light and sky into it.

I haven't yet scanned in the new painting, but here is a comparison of the previous painting (scanned) and the new painting (photographed). The photographed image doesn't quite show the yellows correctly, but you get the idea!





FINISHED! I think...

"Lemon Tree"

Well, it didn't really end up a LOT like the edits I made on the computer, but making changes to the color and design digitally gave me the confidence I needed that I could make a better painting without losing what I loved about it.

Next time you're in a creative funk - give it a try! See what your painting may look like with a paint bucket at your fingertips.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Show me your Beaver Fan love - Vote for me!


A fun little diversion from my usual artistic exploits - a Beaver Fan T-Shirt! (That's what happens when you move to Corvallis - you become a Beaver Believer!) I made it to the top 20 designs, and if I get enough votes I could have my little wooden beaver football on fan T-Shirts at the OSU Bookstore! Check it out and VOTE FOR ME!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

STUDIO 262 - new art available!

"Circle of Life No 2"
$95.00 (frame & mat included)
Available on ETSY

"Circle of Life No 1"
$95.00 (frame & mat included)
Available on ETSY

Yes, I'm still harboring dreams of having a brick and mortar studio retail/work/educational space. For now, however, with a busy summer of shows fast approaching that space will need to be online...

Keeping the dream alive with a couple new drawings available at STUDIO262.etsy.com

I hope you enjoy!

YES - the frame and mat are INCLUDED!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Working on my School Project - Kids in Motion No 1

Our local Elementary School has a great program for engaging kids in walking/running during recess and culminates in 2 fun runs for the students during the school year. It is amazing to see all kinds of kids at all different skill levels walking and running the 1/5 mile path that winds around the school play field. One of the students has even set a goal of running 200 miles (and it looks like he'll make it!) This year I'm helping at the school punching cards (students get 1 punch for every lap completed throughout the school year) and was so inspired by their efforts that I wanted to create a short series of paintings to celebrate this program. Pictured here is the first painting in progress. All sales from these paintings and prints of these images will go to support the school, and in particular provide additional funding for the running program.

Look for the finished products to be available this APRIL in celebration of the 2nd fun run being held shortly after.

Thanks for checking out this little preview! I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amongst the Poppies - Now Available!

My latest completed painting debuted at "SIP" - THANK YOU to all who commented so kindly and enjoyed this new piece. Inspired by a recent commission, these new smaller poppy shapes with their spindly and crooked stems working up thru the rest of the flora create a new more delicate whimsical space than my usual larger poppy shapes. I hope you enjoy! And for those who asked about PRINTS - they are NOW AVAILABLE on paper, canvas, matted or framed at my online printshop: JENLO.IMAGEKIND.com

"Amongst the Poppies"
30 x 40 x 2 inches
shipping included within the USA

Some of my larger circular poppy shapes from 2008...

"One Red Posie"
Prints Available: JENLO.Imagekind.com

Monday, March 15, 2010

Thank you McMinnville and "SIP"!

Despite having it rain down on us during load-in, the "SIP" Classic in McMinnville was a warm, cozy, friendly, and fruitful show! Thank you to the "SIP" committee, the wonderful people of McMinnville, my lovely booth neighbors and artist friends, and every one of you who stopped by to make a purchase or just say "hello"! It was fun to see old friends and make a few new ones and I'll look forward to doing this event again next year!

A Special THANK YOU to the following people!

  • Julie and Dick of Rocks 4 Life - I LOVE my earrings! It was so nice to meet you both at this show!
  • Vince from Amity Vinyards - Thank you for the conversation and insight! I hope you make it back to France soon.
  • Bart of DeGraaf Fine Art - For lending me your artist's ear once again - thank you! You are such a kind and talented artist.
  • Rich of Viento Wines - It was a pleasure to see you and your family again. I look forward to enjoying your wonderful wines!
  • Terry Peasly - How nice to meet you! I'll look forward to seeing you again soon. Your sweet little birds were an inspiration!
  • Don Dye - Always a pleasure to see you and your wife! I LOVE the sea turtles.
  • Kim of Clay Art Studio - It was wonderful to see you again! Thank you for keeping me inspired in art, life, and running!

And for those of you who still wanted to purchase the Poster Image from the show - HERE IT IS! I'm so glad you enjoyed my version of a lovely afternoon in wine country!
(Prints Available at Imagekind.com)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Show Preparations Under Way!

2009 "SIP" Booth Display

Ahhh... the first show of the season. Will I remember where I put everything? Will I remember what I need? My mother always told me to make a list... well, I'm the type of person who will make a list, go to do my list, and never look at it again because I "know" I did everything on the list, only to find out I forgot something on said list. I do it at the grocery store every week! (Hence the lack of Cliff Bars in my cupboard that had been requested by my poor husband.) I have long since given up on making lists for the shows. How do I remember everything (at least most of the time)? I pile everything for my booth in one big corner when I take down from a show and then I make sure I grab everything in the pile for my next show. The problem is this is my FIRST show of the season, and many things have since moved around my storage and studio spaces! Luckily my first show for 2010 is an indoor show, 45 min. from home, with a set-up the day before. So... forget something? I'll bring it in the morning.

On another preparation note: I'm getting a lot of new prints together to bring to the show and will have many new original paintings to display too! I hope you can come and see what I've been up to over this long and fruitful winter!

opening THIS FRIDAY! March 12 - 14
McMinnville, OR

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Print of the Month - Get a DEAL and support a good CAUSE!

I am happy to announce a NEW program that I'll be promoting once a month HERE on my blog ONLY where YOU can get a great deal on one of my prints AND I'll donate part of the proceeds to a good cause!

Without further ado...

MARCH 2010

"Two Goldfinch Found"
Fine Art Quality Reproduction

$2.00 from each sale will be donated to


About the Painting
The original painting of "Two Goldfinch Found" was created while participating in the 2008 Spokane Artfest in Spokane, WA. I find some of my most fun, interesting, and playful paintings to be created while I demonstrate. There is something about having people watch me work that causes me to contemplate a little longer, a little deeper. I worked from bird sketches I had in my sketchbook and incorporated some of the lovely outdoor lighting and shrubbery from my surroundings. (Artfest was located in a beautiful park and was home to many large pine trees.) I donated the original for auction to raise money for the North Cascades Conservation Council (NC3) and therefore, given its history, seemed a fitting subject for my first charity print.

About the Print
The print is created with archival quality inks on fine art watercolor paper using a digital scan to capture the original painting's true color and texture. The print is signed on the front then packed in an acid free sleeve complete with foam core for added protection. The print is shipped flat via USPS Priority Mail within the U.S. An artist bio is also included.

About the CAUSE!
My husband brought this cause to my attention, as he interviewed Johanna a while back as part of a running article on which he was working and was saddened to see her brain tumor had returned when she was featured in our local (Corvallis, OR) paper. To find out more about Johanna, please feel free to visit his blogpost "Put That Grande Latte Down...Now!" or visit her official website "SaveJohannasBrain.com"

$2.00 for every print sold will be donated directly to Johanna's website via Paypal by April 5, 2010, at which time I will announce the amount raised here on my website: JenniferLommers.com. This promotion cannot be combined with other orders, is available only thru my blog using Paypal and will only last until the end of the month at which time a new print and cause will be announced. Thank you for your support! If you would like to donate DIRECTLY to Johanna, PLEASE FEEL FREE to do so! I'm sure she would appreciate it.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Coffee for Two

A tribute to that special friend with whom you can share even the most trivial of your early morning worries. Enjoy a cup on me!

prints available on IMAGEKIND

"Early Morning Friends"
Acrylic on Canvas - 2010
16 inch x 20 inch x 1/2 inch
$450.00 (includes shipping)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Not my Usual Cup of Football??

While I have always enjoyed playing sports (typically of the volleyball/tennis/running sort), I don't usually pick football for my artistic endeavors! Thanks to my husband, and our new-found love of all things OSU, however, I decided to try my hand at their current fan t-shirt contest. I'm hoping to make it to the top 20, at which point I would be asking (begging!!) for votes. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime... Go Beavs!

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