Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fond Memories

As I was cleaning out yet another misc. box of stuff that has been moved from house to house over the years, I unearthed a sketchpad with this drawing of "Cat and Raven". This drawing holds many fond memories for me, most especially of our dearly beloved and departed cat, Portnoy. My husband and I brought her home from the city pound before we were even married, to our tiny little basement apartment in the outskirts of Seattle, WA. She was the sweetest little ball of fluff I had ever seen. She loved to nuzzle in my hair and cared for us like we were her lost kittens (even though she was a kitten herself). She became a marvelous mother (despite her inability to procreate) to first our feisty feral kitty Domino, then our Siberian Husky Puppy, and later our two children and one Scaredy-Cat Shepherd, Jingle. She mothered them all with amazing patience and kindness. When she passed, it was especially hard on my daughter (then 4) who always immediately went to Portnoy for comfort in times of need. Though we have since moved on (to a new city, new house, and 2 new fun kitties) we will always remember our first cat very fondly and still keep her picture lovingly enshrined on our mantle.

My other happy memories represented in this image are my days in art school, where ravens were often a subject matter for me, as well as wonderful memories of living in Birch Bay, WA in a little beach cabin (which was where this drawing was created, circa 1995). We would watch bald eagles walking on the beach, play the guitar underneath amazing sunsets, and witness one of the wilder winter ice storms that area had ever seen.

I love how a simple little discovery in a box long forgotten can give me so much.

Now tell me, what simple treasures have you unearthed?

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Scott Lommers said...

Portnoy was the sweetest cat I've ever known. I still miss her.

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