Friday, September 3, 2010

So Long Summer - Another Show Season Winds Down

"Watching the Clouds Go By"
A colorful little tribute to the end of summer...
Available on Imagekind.com

A fun and busy summer comes to a close once again. In its wake, I thought I would note a few facts and also share my cherished summer collection with you.

For those of us with kids, the summer season starts and ends with school - so - I'm working with 83 days that I count as "summer". June 17 - Sept 7.

Fact 1) I was traveling 49 of those 83 days, which means I was home for a whoppin' 34 days. For other traveling show artists, this is actually really good. Many of them drive the circuit stacking their shows so that they're not home for weeks at a time. For me, the traveling artist mom, however, this was a LOT of days to be gone. Granted, I'm counting our vacation days from home, too, but that still only left me with 34 days to take care of the household duties, ship orders, paint, and print more inventory. Whew!

Fact 2) I was in 7 art fairs during that time, even though it felt more like double that! And, what do you know, that's the same number I was in during the last summer season. Again, not much for the seasoned traveling artist, but plenty for me.

Fact 3) As many of you know, I broke a record for the furthest travel for a show, heading out to the Chicago area and showing in Glencoe, IL. Hurray for trying something new!

Fact 4) Here's the best fact: I added 5 cool artworks to our collection!

In order of acquisition...

"Powell's Bookstore" by Alan McNiel

I am in love with his art! (My little pic of his print does NOT do it justice.) His booth was next to mine in Lake Oswego and I could have stared at his intriguing cityscapes/landscapes with their layers of imagery, color, and design for many more days. I wish I could buy one of those beautiful large originals, but for this year I'll be happy with the print.

Check out more of his work here: AlanMcNiel.com

Stone Soap Dispenser
by Bill & Toni of Parallax Gallery

I've drooled over these soap dispensers and vases before a couple years ago, so I was glad to find them again at the Anacortes Arts Festival. The carved pieces are gorgeous too, but this simple but elegant rock formation was perfect for my guest bathroom.

Check out more of their work here: ParallaxGallery.com

"Sproket Bug"
by Ian Beyer

My son brought me to this booth while he was working the Anacortes show with me. We both especially liked the scorpion sculptures (being that we had traveled the Southwest this summer and were looking for them there). Ian was so nice and encouraging to my son, too, with all his interest and questions about metal-working. I think my son will want to take welding at some point now - cool! We had to buy a piece from this talented and nice man, so opted for this little "Sproket Bug".

Isn't he cute? See more of his work, including much larger pieces here: IanBeyerMetals.com

Mosaic Mirror by
Stephanie Roman-Olvera

We first met several years ago at the Bellevue Arts Festival. Our imagery and colors just naturally complimented each other (and still do!) I've always wanted one of her pieces, and was so glad to finally pick one up at the Anacortes Festival this year. I LOVE it and look forward to buying more soon.

Check out her (and hubby's) work here: OlveraDesign.com

Bird Bath
by Linda Thorson

Linda is another one of those artists I've long admired. Not only for her outstanding garden art, but also for the outstanding person she is. I had the pleasure of getting to chat with her at the Sunriver Art Faire, and thoroughly enjoyed our time at the show together. I also was very grateful for a chance to trade some art for one of her amazing bird bath creations. It's my prized possession of my garden and will soon be surrounded by my new poppy plants!

For more about Linda and her many other garden creations check out her work here: LindaThorsonDesign.com

FINALLY... the show season slows, but continues... NEXT UP:

Sept 11 - 12, 2010
West-Linn, OR (near Portland)

Sept 25 - 26
Corvalllis, OR

Oct 22 - 24
Everett, WA


Pam said...

Great acquisitions! Hope it's a great school year for everyone at your house.

Jennifer Lommers said...

Thanks Pam! Yep, we're gearing up for school fast. Payton had his first cross-country practice yesterday. School starts on Wednesday. Where did the summer go?

Best wishes to your family and a new school year too!

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