Friday, July 23, 2010

Painting in Threes: The Modern Triptych

The Art of THREE... Painting Triptychs

Sometimes it is difficult for me to paint smaller paintings, as my inner nature says to paint big. To reduce the tendency to tighten my painting when painting small so that I could keep the images and design loose (and myself appeased) I often choose to paint in groupings of three - often even lining the paintings up together and painting as one. Sometimes I choose to break them apart and continue each painting along its own separate path (as with the Painted Valley series, above, and the "Growing..." abstract series below), sometimes I finish them together as one piece (as with the Waiting in Blue series, below), and sometimes I like to create a more traditional triptych - using similar techniques and/or subject matter (for example, the three bird images below, using india ink and acrylic on paper). Each time I paint a triptych I work to create a unique grouping of paintings to enjoy together or individually.

Here are a few of these triptychs - all available on Imagekind.com (as shown). Browse my online store and see if you can find MORE of these groupings too!

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