Friday, May 7, 2010

Long Distance Show Planning

I just sent in my payment for a show booth in Glencoe, IL (just outside Chicago). This will be my first long distance show booth (longer than say going down to CA or up to WA which are my usual summer show season haunting grounds). I will be flying. I will have to ship everything there. Hmmm. This could get interesting.

Now, if I were a jewelry artist I would just pack up my suitcase full of jewelry, take it as my carry-on, buy or rent a pop-up when I'm there, head to Home Depot right before the show and throw a sheet of plywood on a couple of sawhorses and be done with it.

I am not a jewelry artist. (I've tried. I'm really bad at it. I now buy/trade for all my jewelry from fellow artisans at the shows!)

So - what's a painter to do? Well, at least I'm not a potter!

Here's the plan so far. I'm open to suggestions, so suggest away if you like. (And, I do have the advantage of staying with my brother, and also being able to ship stuff to him in advance)

1) The tent. I could rent one, but for the same price I could buy one online and ship it to my brother and if the show does poorly, leave it with him (or try to sell it to a fellow artist), or if the show does well, ship it back to myself when I'm done and have a spare tent.

2) Panels (for hanging my art). I am thankful I'm using the mesh panels from Flourish.com which I can (hopefully) fit onto an EZ-up. I think I will either ship the ones I have (made for a trimline tent) or if I can afford it buy new ones designed for the EZ-up and ship them to my brother. Either way, I love these panels for doing a lot of shows on my own. They are light, look nice, and are easy to set up.

3) The Art. For original art I think I'm going to prepare several larger pieces on paper and ship them. I will then order the mats and frames online and ship them as well. I will have to assemble them there, which means I will probably arrive a day ahead of the show. Thankfully I think my brother will give me a good deal for room and board!

4) The Prints. I am going to ship them without the foam core and then have the foam core shipped directly from the manufacturer. Should be interesting.

5) Tables. I'm hoping my brother has a table or two.

6) I'll pack everything else (mostly office supplies/tablecloths and the like) in my suitcase. Good thing I'm a light packer!

This should be interesting! If nothing else - I get to spend a few days with my brother and family - yea!

In the Chicago area in July? Stop by and see me at the show!

Glencoe Festival of the Masters
July 10 - 11, 2010


thewillowsnest said...

wow! I'm tired just thinking about this!
But GOOD ON YOU!! Gotta give it a whirl!
I hope everything works out perfectly and you have a sell out show!!!!!!

Jennifer Lommers said...

Thank you!

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