Friday, April 2, 2010

PRINT SALE of the Month APRIL 2010

Supporting Adams Elementary
"Getting Active No 1"
Fine Art Quality Reproduction
11 x 15 inch
$20.00 plus $5.00 shipping
(regularly priced at $45.00!)

$15.00 from each sale will be donated to Adams Elementary in Corvallis, OR and the "Adams in Motion" healthy kids program. For more about my print sales and the causes they support: JenniferLommers.com/Causes

For secure online payment you can buy your print using Paypal.
If you are local to Corvallis, OR - feel free to CONTACT ME (art@jenniferlommers.com) to purchase a print directly via check and pay NO SHIPPING or mail $20.00 to:

Jennifer Lommers
PO Box 2510
Corvallis, OR 97339

Unlike my other "Print of the Month" sales - THIS SALE will continue thru December 2010!

About the Painting
When I became an Adams parent I was impressed with the recess fitness program they were using, called "Adams in Motion". Three days a week, schoolchildren had a choice to participate in the program during their recess and walk, run, or skip along a designated route thru the playfield which was about 1/5 of a mile. For each lap the children received a punch on their card so that they could keep track of their mileage. As each card is completed, a child was honored with a medal/trophy for the day. I was amazed at the number of students who would participate, and the number of parents who volunteered their time to help.

What I found out later, was this program was in its infancy, started at Adams last year (2008/2009). What I also found out was the emergence of such a program was a convergence of ideas from a remarkable group of people including a teacher (also a running enthusiast) who recently returned from sabbatical with an idea for a recess fitness program, another teacher who had a school nurse friend who founded such a program in another school district, a parent involved in a healthy kids school committee, and a principal willing to support the program. Together with many other volunteers, the "Adams in Motion" program began, and now finishing its second year, continues to thrive and grow, with one dedicated student even working to achieve 200 miles this year, providing another inspiration to fellow students.

When I started volunteering for the program this year, I was impressed not only by the dedication of these students and parent volunteers, but also by the way in which these students conducted themselves. They were sincere, kind, helpful, and a joy to watch run/walk lap after lap.

I knew I wanted to make a painting to celebrate this activity!

The original painting (along with another painting - "Getting Active No 2") will be made available for sale initially to families of Adams Elementary before becoming available for everyone. 100% of the purchase price of the original paintings will be donated to Adams Elementary

About the Print
The print image is 11 x 15 inch printed on archival quality bamboo paper size 13 x 17 inch. The print is created with archival quality inks using a digital scan to capture the original painting's true color and texture. The print is signed on the front then packed in an acid free sleeve complete with foam core for added protection. The print is shipped flat via USPS Priority Mail within the U.S. An artist bio is also included.

All payments received by the last day of each month will be included in my donation to Adams Elementary by the 5th of the following month. A record of these donations will be made available on my webiste: JenniferLommers.com/causes

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Blenda said...

What an interesting composition on this piece and your color palette warms my heart!

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