Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Lure of Oils...

I was trained as an oil painter. After graduating college, however, and without an actual studio space, I switched to the land of Acrylics - where water cleans up your mess, you don't pass out from the fumes, and paint doesn't end up smudged on everything you own. I thoroughly enjoy this land! I've learned much about this fun medium over these last several years and hundreds of paintings later.

Then... the oil bug bit.

I received this generous gift of oil paints from a wonderful local paint manufacturer (M. Graham) who wanted to give me the opportunity to try out their product. And, I fell in love again.

I had this large Acrylic painting in my garage with which I was never quite satisfied. I decided to take out my little sample pack of M. Graham oils and, using my palette knife, apply patches of color to it and see how these oils compare. Wow. They are luscious and provocative. I love the texture, the color, and yes, even the smell takes me back to those earlier days. Now, maybe I'm just in mid-life crisis mode and am just enjoying a little bit of my past... OR... maybe I'm on to something here.

The painting is not yet finished (I need to go buy some more paint now - good job on your sales tactics M. Graham!), but I can feel an amazing painting on the verge. Look for the finished piece to make an appearance at:

OSU Mother's Day weekend 1 day show
Saturday, May 1, 2010
at the OSU quad
Corvallis, OR

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the progress thus far!


thewillowsnest said...

ah yes the love/heartache and temptation of oils.. I know this one! haha a clever sales tactic indeed .. it would have got me too!

Jessica Torrant said...

I can absolutely relate! I've loved acrylics since I graduated and switched to them for the very same reasons (no need for my roomate to discover me passed out in a tiny apt. bedroom next to my easel!). The bug hasn't exactly bit me like it sounds it has bit you, but a part of me thinks that someday I'll return and I'll fall in love all over again. Seeing your gorgeous painting and that luscious paint certainly calls out to me...

Have you ever tried the water soluable oils? I never have but they are intriguing. My aunt tried them and really like the medium.

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