Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Working on my School Project - Kids in Motion No 1

Our local Elementary School has a great program for engaging kids in walking/running during recess and culminates in 2 fun runs for the students during the school year. It is amazing to see all kinds of kids at all different skill levels walking and running the 1/5 mile path that winds around the school play field. One of the students has even set a goal of running 200 miles (and it looks like he'll make it!) This year I'm helping at the school punching cards (students get 1 punch for every lap completed throughout the school year) and was so inspired by their efforts that I wanted to create a short series of paintings to celebrate this program. Pictured here is the first painting in progress. All sales from these paintings and prints of these images will go to support the school, and in particular provide additional funding for the running program.

Look for the finished products to be available this APRIL in celebration of the 2nd fun run being held shortly after.

Thanks for checking out this little preview! I hope you enjoy!

1 comment:

Montagyoo said...

Sounds like a really cool program... and I LOVE the painting! :)

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