Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thankful for some Quality Studio Time!

This week I have felt especially productive in the studio!

I'm working on a large commission piece which is almost done (and looking amazing, I must say), starting another painting to prepare for 2 March shows, and re-working an older painting that needed to take a new direction - and WOW, it's definitely an improvement. On top of that, I have a series of 16 small drawings I'm creating to use with the image transfer process I've been doing lately. Oh, do I have some PLANS for those!

So, what started this sudden burst of creativity?

A) Necessity - Show season is coming and I need to get work done now before life starts getting more hectic

B) The Weather - Sunshine has finally come to the valley again, which is always a great inspiration for me!

C) The Olympics - There is nothing more motivating than seeing people who have worked so hard to be the best in their field reach their goals.

D) Music - My ipod seemed to be malfunctioning this week and forced me to borrow my son's. WOW, his music selection is a lot more fun and energetic than mine!

E) All of the above.

OK, you guessed it - the answer is E. This week was the perfect storm of creativity and I believe all 4 of these things contributed successfully.

In fact, I better get back in the studio - the Olympics won't last forever!

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