Friday, February 12, 2010

A Short Trip Down Memory Lane: Easels for Sale!

check out that metal art school easel now making a home in my studio!

One of my first trips walking around the OSU campus took me to their Art department. It's been 20 years since my stint as an art school student at the UW, and I don't think I had walked thru the behind the scenes environment of that life since. I was pleasantly surprised to find that (at least at OSU) the old metal, "made in the metal shop", easels were still the rage, along with the gray drawing horses set up in circles around the classroom studios. I love that living out of a warehouse, paint and charcoal everywhere, renegade artist feel!

So, when I was perusing the OSU weekly "used stuff nobody on campus wants anymore so let's make a buck or two from joe public" sale a couple weeks ago (p.s. I LOVE that sale and could spend hours looking and wanting all the random things found there), I was pleasantly surprised to find several old art school easels for sale. Being that these are the easels with which I first learned to paint, they felt like coming home. I HAD to have one.

$15.00 later and I do! Check it out.

And if you are in the Corvallis, OR area, I would highly recommend stopping by their sale (officially called the SURPLUS SALE)on Wednesdays! And check it out - that's my husband, Scott, being featured on their home page! (If you don't see him at first, try refreshing the page)


Pam said...

Bravo for the featured employee!! They know how to pick 'em ;-)

Jennifer Lommers said...

It's funny, they posted that feature months ago and I didn't even realize it was still there until I was looking up the link to the surplus sale. What a nice surprise!

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