Monday, February 1, 2010

Original Drawings - Enjoying my Childhood Medium

"Bicycling Down the Path Less Traveled"
ORIGINAL drawing - Available on ETSY
$45.00 plus shipping

My first official REAL art supply was a box of Faber Castell colored pencils my Aunt gave to me one Christmas when I was around 9 or so. I LOVED them, and spent many an afternoon looking up animal photographs in my Ranger Rick magazine attempting to create photo realistic images using my new colored pencils. I've always had a good eye for proportions and detail and could easily freehand a pretty good likeness.

Since then, having the world of art broken wide open for me in college (I never actually took any art in high school) learning to use charcoal and oil paints, I rarely looked back to my young colored pencil days. In the last couple years, however, I have gained a renewed interest in this fun and versatile medium, and will often use colored pencil drawings to help me with ideas for larger paintings or to alleviate my creative impulses when I'm traveling without my paint bag. I've also added the fun of a newer artist material (India Ink Pens - also by Faber Castell), to further define the lines and shapes in my drawings, as well as using Acrylics over them too.


1) In the first drawing, "Bicycling Down the Path Less Traveled", I started with a pencil sketch, then added colored pencil, and finally acrylic paint to the tulips in the foreground. I find the acrylic paint fun to use over colored pencil, as you never know how the colors will interact and how much of the colored pencil will show thru. Although not shown here, it's especially fun to use white or yellow over the darker colored pencils - a great example of which is an older drawing of Holland I have HERE on Imagekind.

2) In the second drawing, "Tangerines at Dusk", I've used colored pencil for the entire body of the drawing and then added a little navy blue ink embellishment for the leaves shown in shadow.

3) In the third drawing, "Harvest Time", I've played back and forth with colored pencil and india ink pens, overlapping mediums less, which gives the drawing more vivid color and cleaner lines.

4) Finally, in "Ready to Ride" I have a pen and ink drawing on gessoed masonite over which I have added color with the colored pencils. As with "Tangerines at Dusk", you can see where I've layered darker colored pencils with white/lighter colored pencils - giving it more of a pastel look and feel. I find the colored pencil blending tool especially helpful with this technique as well.

All in all, the experimenting has been fun, and I hope you enjoy a few of the results from the last couple years! And, if you want to see one of my childhood drawings - check out the tiger on my artist bio page HERE!

"Tangerines at Dusk"
ORIGINAL drawing - Available on ETSY
$85.00 plus shipping

"Harvest Time"
ORIGINAL drawing - Available on ETSY
$40.00 plus shipping

"Ready to Ride"
ORIGINAL Drawing - Available on ETSY
$50.00 plus shipping

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