Sunday, January 3, 2010

Preparing for a New Year!

"Orange Poppies"
Private Collection

As I consider the direction of my artwork for those most thoughtful, inventive, and productive months of my year (January - March), I also look back to how my art has progressed over the last few years - which made me think as I was perusing my binder of artwork past - how many paintings & drawings have I created and catalogued in here? (Now, admittedly, I was not the best record keeper in the beginning when I was just pursuing an interest in my spare time, thinking it was another creative phase that would pass. Therefore, I only have complete inventory records of my finished artwork from 2007 forward.) I am happy to report, however, that today after creating over 400 finished paintings and drawings in the last 3 years, I am still going strong as a full time artist and looking forward to exploring many new ideas and techniques in 2010!

What else is on my agenda this month?

  1. Reviewing my desired 2010 show calendar, putting all deadlines and dates on my calendar
  2. Updating my website to be more interactive with my blog and other online communities
  3. Uploading my latest images to my online printshop: Imagekind.com
  4. Working on a supply list, including sourcing a new printer (yea!) as well as toner for my old printer
  5. Organizing my new (temporary) studio space in order to have an open studio - I'll be looking for a permanent studio space in downtown Corvallis in April when my lease is up - yea again!
  6. Preparing for the Bellevue Home Show
  7. Restocking inventory after a busy 2009! Thanks to you I'm OUT of cards and prints!

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