Monday, January 11, 2010

Finally - Room to Create AND more!

Booth Space INSIDE my Studio - a work in progress!

Now that the new year has a few days under its belt, I feel like I'm starting to settle into a groove and actually finding myself with some free time (gasp!) Part of the new-found freedom has a lot to do with the space I am currently using for my studio. I actually have room to set-up my 10x10 show booth (booth space, above, in progress as I figure out how and where I want to display everything) AND paint AND produce cards and prints AND enjoy a kitchen space too! Granted, it's an absolute disaster area at the moment and I still spend the first bit of my day doing a little cleaning and organizing before I get going, it's still much more room than I've had since starting my artist life. I still have to do the business side of things from home (with my hi-speed internet must-have), but it's actually working out well to split up those 2 sides of being a self-employed, self-motivated artist.

My routine currently is to head over to the studio first thing (with a travel mug full of coffee!) and work on various paintings in progress. I'm actually allowing myself a full 3-4 hours of straight-up painting time, which I used to do either in the middle of the night or in bits and pieces throughout the day (unless I was plein air painting on site somewhere, and then I just make a day of it!) Afterwards I head back home for lunch and an afternoon of the business side of things (ordering supplies, uploading images, filling out the myriad of show applications, responding to emails, and yes, even the dreaded bookkeeping). Then, time allowing, I may go back to the studio to scan images, pack orders, print cards... or then again, I may just stay home and finish the laundry (I admit it!)

I look forward to showing off some of my latest work soon!


thewillowsnest said...

now that's nice!!!

I am hiding from my studio right now .. too much mess ..and it's cold in there!!

Can you believe NO HEATERS left in Texas!!

Oh well little watercolors on the sofa in the house for now!

Love your new space !!!

pspirro said...

Now that's a great space, and a great idea. I don't do many shows but when I do I'm always arranging in my mind and on site at the last minute. To have a set-up in my own studio would be way helpful.

I came by from EBSQ. I have friends in Corvallis (one runs the Sunnyside Up Cafe) Your blog is a pleasure to visit. Thanks for being here!


Jennifer Lommers said...

I LOVE the Sunnyside Up!

I'm trying to figure out my booth configuration for this season still! Hopefully the right set-up will come to me soon (or at least before my first show in March).

Thanks for stopping by!


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