Monday, September 28, 2009

Those CC Offers are actually good for something! Painting with a pseudo palette knife.

"Birthday Bouquet"
$700.00 (shipping included)

Find quality fine art prints of this painting and more at my online printshop: Jenlo262.imagekind.com

Need something to do with those dummy credit cards that come in the mail with the latest offer of good times to come - try painting with them! Personally, I like to cut them in half for better control too. They work like a disposable palette knife, although since I'm into recycling as much as possible, look for them to appear in collage work in the near future!

You might recognize this piece - it started as a demo from my last class! I have to credit my daughter (6) for the idea of balancing the painting with the turquoise/blue color on the left. I wasn't so sure until I tried it, and I think she's right! Clever little girl. As my husband puts it: "The student is surpassing the master..." It wouldn't surprise me. She's VERY talented.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

White - A Painter's Best Friend

Yup, I'm out of white paint AGAIN! It never fails, I'm in the middle of two larger paintings, while occasionally dabbling on a third, fourth... and I empty my last tube of white paint. I searched through my painting bag and found every other nearly empty tube I had and then faithfully and carefully emptied those too. I tend to buy 5 white tubes of paint at the same pace as 1 tube of other colors, but I think I may have to increase it to 10! You might think I'm painting white bunnies in a field of snow, so... let me explain.

Quality acrylic paints are full of pigment. The pigment strength makes them deep in color (usually - especially the more expensive colors). There is only 1 color to which I don't add white - RED (I'm not a fan of pink, much to my daughter's chagrin). I tried to go cheap the last time I bought white, too, which led me to a Zinc White. Yuck. TOO transparent, and not even WHITE (more like a light buff). I'll stick to an order of 10 tubes of Titanium White, please.

On the plus side - I actually painted with a full strength black today!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Cleaning Out the Studio means DEALS for You!

Back by popular demand - I will once again be offering an ORIGINAL Painting a Day for 30 days from Nov 10 - Dec 10 for under $100! This year, I'm doing it AUCTION STYLE (with a buy-it-now option under $100)! To get ready, however, I need to CLEAR OUT SOME SPACE! So... even better... I am selling off paintings around the studio to make room for this fun event as well as trying out the auction system at ARTBYUS.com in order to better provide an opportunity for everyone to purchase regardless of what weird time I may post the listing (as some of you may remember, my painting of the day often showed up around 1:00 in the morning - ugh).

So, without further ado... my first auction listing at Artbyus. Watch for MORE throughout the month of October. I hope you enjoy!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Great Day for Painting - Demonstrating Acrylic Techniques in McMinnville

"A Demo Piece in Progress..."

Many thanks to the wonderful people who came to my Acrylic Painting techniques class on Sunday! I enjoyed all the art you created (WOW-I loved the monochromatic paintings!) and appreciated all your kindness to the new kid teaching (that's me!) at the Currents Back Door Studio. What a great space for teaching! It's always fun for me to go through the myriad of ways in which to apply acrylic paint to your painting - what a great medium! And my favorite tool for the day?... the old plastic gift card palette knife!

I hope you enjoyed the day and I look forward to seeing some of you at my next class!

Saturday, October 10, 9am - 1pm
"Bringing Fun & Whimsy into your Acrylic Paintings"


Back Door Studio/Currents Gallery
532 NE 3rd Street
McMinnville, OR 97128


Friday, September 18, 2009

Triptychs - A Great Way to Liven Up a Large Space

The Triptych - traditionally defined as a group of 3 paintings (or images - for a more modern take) intended to be displayed together, typically by joining with hinges (as with wood panels). I like odd numbers. I like to plant my flowers in groups of 3 or 5. I display my family photographs in groups of 3. And... I paint in groups of 3. Ever since I started back into painting (about 5 years ago now), I have enjoyed painting 3 canvases together. I often would paint one scene that traversed across the three canvases. I also, however, will start with 3 paintings together that I then work individually. These floral abstracts are such paintings, and I love how they work both alone and hanging as a Triptych (in the less traditional way of simply displaying them together). These canvases are each 20 x 30 inches and are great for bringing bold and bright colors to a larger wall. Available separately at my online printshop - JENLO.IMAGEKIND.COM

Monday, September 14, 2009

Texture, Texture, Color, Texture - the fun of Acrylic Painting

My latest series of paintings is a celebration of texture and color. As I've said before - I just love the buttery thickness of the acrylic tubes from Daniel Smith paints. Straight from the tube, the layers build up quickly - and then are finished off with a thin layer of a creamy white-green (made with a little green gold, some buff titanium, and a lot of white) cascading from the top. I love how the organic shapes just dance out of this painting. More of the series to be posted later this week - I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New 2010 Calendar of Landscape Paintings: Life in the Valley


Save-the-Date Wedding Announcements now Easier than Ever!

Fully customizable, these painted poppies are a lovely memento for your special day! Matching postage available too!
Save the Date Yellow & Orange Poppy Postcard from Zazzle.com

Check out the rest of my growing Wedding Line of Products on Zazzle!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Coffee Calendar Now Available!

A collection of some of my favorite coffee paintings is now available in 2010 Calendar form HERE on ZAZZLE!

I hope you enjoy!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Acrylic Painting Classes - Register Today!

I am offering two Acrylic Painting classes this Fall!

These classes are available for all levels of painters: The first class will be an exploration of techniques and the second class will be an exploration of style.

Located at the "Back Door Studios" of the Currents Gallery in McMinnville, Oregon (a 45 min. drive from the Portland area), it's a lovely area and a lovely drive for a 1/2 day studio class! In the Seattle area?.. How about taking the train and making a weekend of the event? McMinnville makes a great destination, and you can experience our very own wine country while you are here!

I hope to see you in McMinnville ready to have fun and PAINT!

For more information and a complete schedule of classes see the Currents Gallery newsletter HERE!

Sunday, September 20, 1pm - 5pm
"Exploring the Versatility of Acrylics"

Saturday, October 10, 9am - 1pm
"Bringing Fun & Whimsy into your Acrylic Paintings"


Back Door Studio/Currents Gallery
532 NE 3rd Street
McMinnville, OR 97128


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Best for a Day!

Even if it IS only for a day... it's always fun to be noticed in this great big online world! My floral abstracts calendar will at least enjoy a day of many viewers. Yea!

The calendar in question (Floral Abstracts 2010) can be found HERE!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Whimsical Birds 2010 Calendar now Available!

Whimsical Birds 2010 Calendar from Zazzle.com

Whimsical Birds 16 Month Calendar from Zazzle.com

My collection of bird paintings is back in an updated "Whimsical Birds" Calendar for 2010 showcasing some of my favorite little friends. Looks for my popular Bicycle, Floral, Landscapes Calendars coming soon as well as a NEW coffee painting Calendar too! I hope you enjoy!

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