Monday, November 2, 2009

Screen Printing - Take II: from photo emulsion to screen filler

Take I: Using photo emulsion to create my screen image

I knew I was taking a risk. Exposing a screen using sunlight is very unpredictable at best. I didn't expect complete and utter failure, however! I think the problem was with how long I waited between applying the photo emulsion (the lovely blue pictured below) and actually exposing the screen. I was waiting for a bright and sunny day and low and behold, our Pacific Northwest skies were not obliging (at least not quickly). After looking online for possible exposure times, I decided to go with 25 minutes (based on the fact our sun is so low in the sky during winter). After exposing the screen, I excitedly took it over to an outdoor hose to spray and ended up with a nicely, and completely, filled screen. Great, if I was going for the extreme minimalist approach!

left image: all washed out??

right image: photo emulsion removed

Let's try this again!

Take II: Using screen filler to create my screen image

Well, since I didn't have a proper light bulb handy for giving it another go (sans the sunlight), and also since I'm not a very patient person when it comes to the need to create NOW, I decided to try another approach - screen filler. With this method I just PAINT on the screen filler - fun! I'm also kind of excited about the error factor of using brush strokes as opposed to a cleaner photo image. Of course, I don't know how long the excitement will last once I actually see how the print turns out! As soon a
s the filler dries...

Screen filler steps (as provided by Speedball):
  1. Create an image layout (easy enough, I already had my transparency from Take I)
  2. Take image to a table and lay screen over the image securing with tape
  3. Trace image with soft pencil (I used the closest No 2 pencil laying around)
  4. Prop up screen, securely, and paint out all areas that are NOT to be printed
  5. Set screen down level and leave to dry (preferably 24 hours)


thewillowsnest said...

you can;t leave us hanging like that..wanna see!

Jennifer Lommers said...

Too funny! I'm still trying to get a good clean print out of it! I'll post my progress once I have something decent to show (including all the bad proofs too!)

Thanks for following my progress! :-)


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