Thursday, November 19, 2009

PINK! Not the usual suspect...

I LOVE warm colors. Yellow is my best friend. I should have known this all along... when other girls my age had pink bedrooms, I had yellow. Somehow this trait did not pass from mother to daughter (although my love of art, gardens, and animals did - phew!) My daughter LOVES pink (and purple, to some extent). She IS Fancy Nancy (if you have a young daughter, you probably know what I mean - if not, check it out the next time you're at the library). My daughter liked to teach the rest of her family (myself included) HOW to be fancy. Somehow, I'm still a yellow girl. HOWEVER, much to my daughter's delight, I did happen to create this new floral painting with a soft pink glow. I think it's the roses I have recently acquired. I've never been a rose person either, but here I am with about 20 rose bushes. Somehow, they just made me think... delicate pink.

I hope you enjoy my latest "Painting a Day" painting... for a limited time - now available on EBAY.


Lupen Grainne said...

Gorgeous painting , I love these colors ! :)

Ridgely said...

LOL, I'm right there with you, dear heart. Jess was a PINK lady all the way, while yellow still remains my all time favorite color. I was at my happiest when we lived in the yellow and white house on Russell St.! Are there pics of your new place?

xxoo Ridge

Jennifer Lommers said...

Thanks Lupen!

Hi Ridgely! I have just a few pics on Facebook. I'll take some more when I'm done painting everything - yellow, of course.

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