Friday, October 23, 2009

Auction Sites - How ART do they Compare?

"Birds in Red"

That's what I plan to find out! I used to sell on ebay when I first started out painting again. It was a quick and easy way to sell my new art as an "emerging artist", and it was FUN too - that is... until the art category became overloaded with non-original art and even fakes, and the fees started going up! As I was making a little name for myself and gaining a local following, I decided to leave ebay and focus on selling my originals elsewhere. What I did discover, was ETSY. I like etsy for its clean image, low cost, and good traffic, with a consumer base who is used to paying a reasonable price for quality work. It still isn't a great place for selling originals, however, with the average selling price being well below $100. I am still happily selling there, and last year ran my "Painting a Day" holiday promo by listing my artwork daily. I found it difficult, however, to schedule daily listings to be around the same time every day, allowing all my customers equal opportunity to purchase my deals. THIS YEAR I decided to rethink my promotion and see how it would work going back to an auction style site. As many of you saw, I just tried using the Artbyus.com art auction site. The price is certainly right - FREE to list a basic listing. However, I found completing payment and communicating with my customers difficult. The cost of shipping was not obvious. And the traffic (even being featured on the front page) was not there. SO... HERE we go again - back to ebay (after not selling on there for a couple years). So far it actually DOES seem improved, and the prices seem to be back to a more reasonable level. NOW... to see what the traffic is like. I'll test it out with a couple listings over the next week and see how well it works. It will most likely be my choice for my 2009 "Painting a Day" promo, but we'll see. In the meantime, check out what's for SALE!

November 10 - December 10
An ORIGINAL painting (by me!) will be painted and listed DAILY for 30 days - starting for LESS THAN $20.00!

Watch for more info coming soon!


Alisha said...

I'm interested to see how it goes on ebay. Hopefully well!

thewillowsnest said...

thanks for sharing this , I have often thought about trying ebay , but just never have , this will be interesting...

Karen said...

I am interested too! I too loved selling on ebay.. things slowly died right down..it would be great to have a resurgence! I hope you get some bids!!

Jennifer Lommers said...

Well, 1 day left on my first ebay item. 1 bid. A few watchers. So far, almost as many views as on Artbyus. We'll see, though, as ebay items become more visible to buyers the closer you get to the end.

I'll keep you posted! Thanks!

Jennifer Lommers said...

As you may have noticed, I decided to go with Ebay, and here's why:

1) It is more widely known and understood than artbyus.

2) Even though I didn't receive that many more views on Ebay, I did receive more people who were unknown to me. I also received more watchers.

3) Despite the cost of listing on Ebay, it is worth it just in the time savings. It is easier to communicate with buyers, complete transactions and easier to list pre-generated templates. All of which save me time!

4) The one thing I really liked about Artbyus.com that I can't seem to do with ebay is listing my auctions within my other websites. That was pretty cool.

I'll give you an update AFTER the 30 day promo - I may change my mind! :-)

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