Saturday, September 26, 2009

White - A Painter's Best Friend

Yup, I'm out of white paint AGAIN! It never fails, I'm in the middle of two larger paintings, while occasionally dabbling on a third, fourth... and I empty my last tube of white paint. I searched through my painting bag and found every other nearly empty tube I had and then faithfully and carefully emptied those too. I tend to buy 5 white tubes of paint at the same pace as 1 tube of other colors, but I think I may have to increase it to 10! You might think I'm painting white bunnies in a field of snow, so... let me explain.

Quality acrylic paints are full of pigment. The pigment strength makes them deep in color (usually - especially the more expensive colors). There is only 1 color to which I don't add white - RED (I'm not a fan of pink, much to my daughter's chagrin). I tried to go cheap the last time I bought white, too, which led me to a Zinc White. Yuck. TOO transparent, and not even WHITE (more like a light buff). I'll stick to an order of 10 tubes of Titanium White, please.

On the plus side - I actually painted with a full strength black today!

1 comment:

Lupen Grainne said...

I can so relate about the white paint thing..where does it go?
you wouldn't think it looking at such colorful paintings like yours, but I can imagine how much white you must use..

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