Friday, September 18, 2009

Triptychs - A Great Way to Liven Up a Large Space

The Triptych - traditionally defined as a group of 3 paintings (or images - for a more modern take) intended to be displayed together, typically by joining with hinges (as with wood panels). I like odd numbers. I like to plant my flowers in groups of 3 or 5. I display my family photographs in groups of 3. And... I paint in groups of 3. Ever since I started back into painting (about 5 years ago now), I have enjoyed painting 3 canvases together. I often would paint one scene that traversed across the three canvases. I also, however, will start with 3 paintings together that I then work individually. These floral abstracts are such paintings, and I love how they work both alone and hanging as a Triptych (in the less traditional way of simply displaying them together). These canvases are each 20 x 30 inches and are great for bringing bold and bright colors to a larger wall. Available separately at my online printshop - JENLO.IMAGEKIND.COM

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