Monday, September 28, 2009

Those CC Offers are actually good for something! Painting with a pseudo palette knife.

"Birthday Bouquet"
$700.00 (shipping included)

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Need something to do with those dummy credit cards that come in the mail with the latest offer of good times to come - try painting with them! Personally, I like to cut them in half for better control too. They work like a disposable palette knife, although since I'm into recycling as much as possible, look for them to appear in collage work in the near future!

You might recognize this piece - it started as a demo from my last class! I have to credit my daughter (6) for the idea of balancing the painting with the turquoise/blue color on the left. I wasn't so sure until I tried it, and I think she's right! Clever little girl. As my husband puts it: "The student is surpassing the master..." It wouldn't surprise me. She's VERY talented.


Deckled Edge Bindery said...

Lovely paintings!

Pragya said...

So enjoy visiting and viewing your incredible work!!!!

Jennifer Lommers said...

Thanks all!

Nancy Merkle said...

The credit card idea is great and the results are wonderful--love your paintings!

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