Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Green Note Cards - Show Your LOVE!

Send a little LOVE for your family or friend with a little love for your planet too!

I'm always looking to find ways to lesson my impact on our environment. From recycling used acrylic paint into "art tiles" for paintings on recycled cabinet doors, to using my Prius to drive to shows, I try to find ways to be kinder and gentler to our planet. I'm FAR from perfect, but I keep trying...

My latest effort is making all my Art Cards more eco-friendly! I have always loved sending and receiving cards, and have been making them in one form or another for the past 20 years. I have always tried to use recycled paper products, but not always consistently so.

But NOW - My latest line of cards portraying my collection of various paintings and drawings in a 4 x 6 framable art card format are getting a little GREENER! By using 100% PCW Recycled Envelopes and Paper from Mohawk Papers with a biodegradable plastic sleeve, these cards are a great way to send a little more love to all! Look for the EARTH FIRST symbol on these eco-friendly cards and share the love!

Coming Soon: An ECO-friendly printer with the same graphics quality you've come to love with my cards!

Have MORE ideas on how to be Earth Friendly? Why not post them here! I would love to find more ways to help our planet!

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