Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yes, it's true - I'm finally getting a NEW look!

I've been using a profile picture on my artist bio (and blog, facebook, etsy, etc..) from 2004 which was very meaningful to me, yet getting rather outdated! I often had people in my booth holding up my bio to me and asking if I'm the artist. YES, it's me - I am the artist! The picture came from a very pivotal point in my life when I finally started painting again after thinking I would be in the computer business for the rest of my life. Ugh. (Being a nature girl, life behind a desk working on computers was definitely not for me! I am very greatful to the people who DO enjoy this life, however!) The picture came from a happy moment (my first trip to Hawaii with my family) and gave me happy memories every time I looked at it. And yet... NEW happy memories are being made every day. So, it is time to embrace my new life with a new profile picture (short hair and all!) I do, however, reserve the right to edit it further! I hope you enjoy - and look for this little Sonoma Valley painting coming soon to my next show in Coupeville WA this weekend (more on that later)!

Stay cool out there! (It's a sweltering 100+ in Corvallis, OR right now)


shannon said...

I love the new picture Jen!

So glad you made the choices you did, for you and your family. There is no doubt you did the right thing.

We all miss you. The boys keep asking when we will see you again. We'll have to plan a trip out there next summer!

Ridge said...

Hi sweetie,

LOVE the "do"! We're melting up here, not as bad as Portland...106...yikes!

Hope we can connect in the same place one of these days. I'll be in Portland sometime between now and the end of August. I'll keep you posted.

xxoo Ridge

Marilyn said...

I love the picture and the new "do" I also went much shorter this week- unintentionally, but now I love it. Okay, what they say happens... we begin to look like our spouse over time? or our pets? I'm not sure what the saying is,but in that picture, you look like you are our sister or cousin- really. Well, you are my cousin and sister would be nice too.

Jennifer Lommers said...

I always wanted a sister! :-)

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