Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Re-Making of a Painting: an Ocean Landscape goes Modern Birds

I often warn people - "If you love it, buy it. It may not be there later." What they may not realize is this is true whether I sell the painting or not. If a painting hangs around me long enough I start to see new directions in which to take it, or something I missed earlier starts to irritate me and it must go. The great thing about being a painter is I can easily make this happen. While many times my changes are not drastic, I will completely re-make a painting from time to time. My latest painting to be reborn is my break of day painting showcasing a flock of six birds sitting peacefully on a couple wires strung across a deep turquoise and green sky. I made use of my recently learned IMAGE TRANSFER technique to create the little parakeet flock, adding more texture this time by spreading the gel medium over the entire painting after applying the birds to the surface of the painting. I finished it off with a gloss varnish. I love the complex layers in this piece combined with the limited color palette and simple subject matter. This painting would not be possible, however, without my first painting...

... which ended up falling a bit flat for me. After having the painting with me for a few months, I decided the colors did not work well together and the composition was too predictable (I actually liked an earlier version better and may try to paint another version of that later). I felt my only way to break free of the piece was to completely change it.

The result: "Six in Waiting, Break of Day". I hope you enjoy.

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