Monday, July 6, 2009

A California Adventure - from the rolling hills of the Sonoma Valley to the giants of the Redwood Forest

I love traveling - even when it involves 8 hour car rides (with a 4 hour cave exploration detour in the middle). I enjoy seeing the landscapes that go by and imagining them in my paintings. I don't always sketch out the images right away, but I slowly file away the colors and shapes in my mind to bring back to my artwork later. Such is the case with my latest trip through California. I am always amazed at how big that state is, and the differences between the northern and southern landscapes. I especially enjoyed seeing the golden rolling hills mixed with vineyards tucked into the valleys while passing through Sonoma. I also was mesmerized by the wind farms across the horizon while coming into San Francisco (I'm not sure yet how to make that into a painting). Look for these images to make appearances in my paintings over the coming weeks and months... at least until my next traveling adventure!

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