Monday, June 15, 2009

Thank You Lincoln City!

Great people, good weather (aka no wind/rain), beautiful scenery, and sales! I couldn't ask for a nicer weekend at the Lincoln City Art Festival this weekend. I especially enjoyed the devotion of the director, Nicole, who, with her purple hair (take note art show directors - purple hair is a GREAT way to make sure people can find you) made sure everything ran smoothly while still enjoying a face painting or two! I painted both these pieces during the show (and yes, this really was my VIEW!) I hope you enjoy!

(p.s. - my apologies to those show-goers who I misdirected to HIP CHICKS do WINE in McMinnville - they are ACTUALLY in Newberg! Sorry! I hope you found them anyway and enjoyed some more of my art with a lovely glass of wine... or two. Then maybe you wouldn't care that my directions were off!)

"Incoming Tide"
Acrylic on Canvas
16 x 20 x 1 inch

Fine Art Quality Giclee Reproductions of this piece
unframed, framed, on canvas & paper
Available on Imagekind!


Ridge said...


Jess was at the shindig in Newberg, but didn't know you were there and didn't see you...rats. She wants you to let her know anytime you're in Newberg so she won't miss you again!

xxoo Ridge

Jennifer Lommers said...

Hi Ridge!

I thought about looking for her when I was there (saw her favorite bookstore) but I was just so beat from a very long day and actually didn't stay at the show long. I will definitely let her know next time!

Much love, Jen

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