Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Image Transfer Process Completed: Fiesta Birds

"Fiesta Birds"
Mixed Media on Recycled Wood

Image Transfer Step 1: Find Image

Image Transfer Step 2: Apply Gel

Image Transfer Step 3: Remove Paper

Image Transfer Step 4: HAVE FUN!

Now that I have this little birdie gel skin I can have some fun with it! I made 5 gel skins and painted the backside of the parakeet skins with acrylic paint (4 turquoise and 1 yellow) and then applied them to my artwork using the very same gel (although other mediums would work as well). The only difficulty was that the surface to which I was applying the gel skins was very uneven due to my previous layers of paint and required a little more patience to get the skins to stick well to the surface. The gel medium was good for securing to this surface. I then decided that the turquoise background of my painting was too close to the turquoise color of the birds, so I decided to go with a lime green background. This worked well for hiding the edges of the gel skins as well.

So... tada! My final piece is done: "Fiesta Birds"

What is that bejeweled edging, you may ask? I will showcase that process next! Check back for more!


Ruth Armitage said...

You read my mind! Looking forward to the bejeweled post :) Love the parakeets!

Lindy Gruger Hanson said...

This is a neat technique! I'll have to try it! Thanks for sharing! Love your final painting! Which issue of the Daniel Smith catalog was the article in?

Kathleen said...

Great technique! This looks like lots of fun - and I have everything I need to do it =) thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...
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