Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Image Transfer for the Birds, Step 3: Using a New Technique with Acrylics

Continuing the Image Transfer Process using the steps provided by Patti Brady in the latest Daniel Smith Summer Sale Artist Catalog...

Image Transfer Step 1: Find Image

Image Transfer Step 2: Apply Gel

Image Transfer Step 3: Remove Paper
a) Trim image with scissors (pictured above)
b) Soak gel transfer in water
c) Rub off paper with a sponge (pictured right)

I'm finding this process much easier and fool-proof than I expected! The dried gel popped right off my metal palette, and after carefully soaking a little and rubbing a little with my crochet dish sponge I discovered I didn't really need to be that careful - always a plus! I eventually just held the dried gel under the faucet as I rubbed the paper off with my fingers. I sometimes had to go back a second time as I could see where I missed some paper pieces after the gel dried again. It was all very fascinating and almost magical to see the bird image transfer from the paper to the gel. I think I'm going to like this process. I'm sure this is a popular method for collage artists!

I am now working on the piece that will be showcasing these fun little gel parakeets. I hope to have it finished today and I can post the finale' tomorrow. So far, I would highly recommend giving image transfer a try!


Prosperity said...

Wow! Your paintings look great! How were you able to incorporate the pics into your blog? And do you find that you have better turnouts because of the upcoming events portion of your blog?

Jennifer Lommers said...


To answer your questions: I'm just using the blogger tools to upload photos from my camera. I scan my paintings for posting.

I don't find a big difference in turnouts, but I just added that feature recently. I also will start to get more traffic on here once the summer show season starts giving me the chance to hand out hundreds of business cards with the info.

Thanks for stopping by and asking!

Kathleen said...

Sounds like fun! I amy have to give this a try =)

sleepypillow said...

Love your paintings! And this technique is something I needed. I'll keep on watching.

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