Saturday, June 6, 2009

Acrylic Paint Mosaic - Recycling Your Palette!

Yes, I was one of those kids who always like to pick at the dried glue on the paper, fleck the dried paint off the table top, and peel off the old fingernail polish. I was also the kid who never liked to clean up after being done with a project (of course, what kid does), so this next How-To with Acrylic Paints was a natural for me!

Recycling Your Acrylic Paint Palette - a fun way to BE GREEN! ...and red, turquoise, yellow, blue, orange...

Here is my palette after about 6 or 7 painting sessions. Since I don't use extenders when I'm painting the layers easily build up as I mix new paint on top of old dried paint. It also fills my need for bright and vivid colors! I use a metal pan when painting which works well for this. I've also used tupperware lids with good results too.

Once my palette is several layers thick, I start at one corner and start to peel it off in the biggest sections I possibly can. It not only brings me back to my nice clean palette, but also gives me a colorful, rubbery material with which to have some fun! One side of the surface is smooth and shiny and the other side is textured globs of paint. It's beautiful!

Fiesta Birds

The sheets of dried acrylic can then be cut into various shapes. In my "Fiesta Birds" piece, I cut them into a variety of circles and squares about 3/4 inch wide. I then arranged them along the edges of my old painted cabinet door, switching some pieces around, until I liked the color pattern they created. I then dapped the back of each "tile" with a little acrylic gel (acrylic medium works too, as I'm sure most other gluing substance would) and pressed them into place. When I wanted the shiny side up it was a little harder, as the other side was often uneven, but it just meant that I had to hold it in place a little longer to get it to stick. After all the pieces were secured, I coated the whole border with another layer of gel for good measure.

People often wonder why I don't have more of these types of artwork created (I usually only have 1 or 2 at a show), but when I need to create several paintings in between the creation of each one in order to get enough painted squares, it can take a while to make 1 piece! With the "Fiesta Birds" it took 2 1/2 palettes full of dried acrylic paint (approx. 15-20 paintings later) to get enough "tiles".

So... BE MESSY and don't clean your palette when you are done with you painting session! A treasure awaits...

Another Acrylic Tile Project Using the "tiles" in the center of my cabinet door
The Acrylic Medium is still wet and looks White. Once Dried it will be Clear

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Lindy Gruger Hanson said...

How fun is that. I always like pulling the paint off my palette and now there is a great idea on how to use it! Thanks!

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