Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love that Texture! Layering with Acrylic Paints

My canvas rarely ends up where it started. Part of my painting process is to build layers of texture and color, letting glimpses of prior layers peek through the newer layers. I will often start outlining the shapes of my painting with colors complementary of the final colors I plan to choose to help the final layer of paint to pop out. I also tend to choose brighter colors to start, and tone them down as I go. My painting may undergo several transformations before I finally land on the color and composition that I like. In the detail image shown here, I'm on about my 3rd layer (and I still have a couple to go), but you can catch a glimpse of the reds and purples with which I started.

It's hard for people to imagine unless they've seen my painting develop. For that reason, I willingly agree to demonstrate whenever asked. It's fun to see people repeatedly come back to my "show" to see how the painting progresses, and to see their surprise at how quickly I make complete changes to the color and composition as I work.

Next Demonstration
Saturday, May 16
5-8 p.m.
La Bella Casa - McMinnville, OR

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