Sunday, May 31, 2009

Image Transfer for the Birds, Step 2: Using a New Technique with Acrylics

Cut-out Bird Image on back of palette waiting for Gel Application

I'm finally ready to continue to the next step in trying out the Image Transfer process as described by the article "Gel Transfers with Patti Brady, Director of the GOLDEN Working Artists Program" in the Daniel Smith Summer Sale Artist Catalog.

Image Transfer Step 1: Find Image

Image Transfer Step 2: Apply a clear gel (I used the Soft Gel Matte Medium by Golden) and let dry thoroughly.

The article recommended doing this on a surface such as plastic sheeting that the dried acrylics won't stick to. I chose to use the back-side of my metal palette. I'm assuming this will work as well, since I often peel acrylics off it that have dried. I couldn't tell from the article whether I was supposed to cut out the image, but I decided that the pictures looked like they had, so I did. They also showed a rounded metal palette knife being used for the application, but for acrylics I prefer using a plastic palette knife, which I did. I'm now waiting for it to dry and see if my assumptions are successful.

Wet Gel on Image - Waiting to dry

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