Monday, May 4, 2009

The Etsy Front Page

I love having a storefront on the popular handmade website ETSY. It's a great, inexpensive place to showcase my work and get attention from a worldwide audience. When I first joined a couple years ago, it was much smaller and I would often make the front page of the website where "treasuries" of featured items from a variety of sellers would be shown in a lovely grid. Since then, the site has grown enormously, and I often don't even know when I've made the front page, and definitely don't make it there as often simply due to the sheer numbers of sellers now on the site (no complaints, though, there are some GREAT sellers and items on Etsy!)

So... with no further ado, when I DO find myself there, I decided to announce it! Yesterday (May 3) this fun little Bicycle drawing (drawn while having a yummy cup of coffee at the Beanery in Corvallis where a bicycle rack out the window was holding this bike) made it to the front page! I hope you enjoy.

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