Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Composition in Progress - the constant re-working of a painting

Yes, I was trained by a school of abstract expressionists when I was at the U.W. And the first rule of thumb?... Never be complacent with your composition! For every action there is a reaction when I paint. I need a little more red here? Well, now I need a little more green over there. We were trained to always be thinking about how to improve our painting, not just dress it up prettier. We had to always think of the painting as a whole. Hence, you will see as I've added a cooler layer onto my painting it's also changing. The prior composition felt too posed, and so I moved a few things around a bit to give it a little more variety and a more casual (less forced) movement thru the painting. I hope you enjoy the progress - much more to come!


Julie Fillo said...

So interesting to see your process and hear your thoughts about it.

Andrew Thornton said...

It's interesting to follow along with your progress. Half of my instructors were abstract expressionists, the other half conceptual artists... with a figurative and photo-realist thrown in for good measure.

Crits with more than one professor ended up turning into a match at the Thunderdome!

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